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Book Cheap Flight to Pakistan in 7 Steps

Seeking a stress-free or cheap flight to Pakistan? Then, join me in this guide! Booking flights might seem overwhelming, with endless options and fluctuating prices, but don’t worry, I got you covered. I have visited Pakistan a couple of times and in just seven steps, I will teach you how to book cheap flight to Pakistan. Follow these seven simple steps, and you’ll be jetting off to Pakistan comfortably without breaking the bank!

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7 easy steps to book a cheap flight to Pakistan

1. Download telegram

The first step to book a cheap flight to Pakistan is to download Telegram. Do you have it already? Then that’s fine! If otherwise, visit the Google Play Store to download the Telegram application software, after downloading successfully, install the app. After installation is completed, open an account by following the instructions on the app.

2. Search for air track

The search icon is located on the top right side of the Telegram app. Click on the search icon and type “air track”. Different air track groups will come up. Go  through the various groups and check out the available flight websites.

3. Start booking

After clicking a website, Choose start, choose your language and your country(if it is not on the list, choose others).

4. Choose currency

Choose the local currency you have with you. This will help calculate and convert the ticket price to your own currency.

5. Make payments

After choosing currency, click the new search and choose one way or return. Then you will be required to pay for your flight ticket. All you have to do is to enter your account details and necessary information.

6. Choose departure location and date

Choose where you’d like to depart and the departure date.

7. Check options

There might be other information such as adds-on and so on. Check options to see if there is anything you are missing out on.

That’s it! You now know how to book cheap flight to Pakistan in 7 steps. Now let me guide you through how to get the best cheap flight to Pakistan.

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How to get the best cheap flight to Pakistan

  • Search for flight tickets beforehand

You may be able to save money on your tickets if you buy them in advance. Le me share you a tip that has  always worked for me:

When booking a domestic ticket, wait between 112 and 21 days before takeoff to get the cheapest price. The best period is 54 days beforehand. Booking 21 days in advance won’t get you the best deal, though. If you are traveling to a different country,  book your international flight as far in advance as you can.

  • Check all the available airline website

Before booking, check all airline websites for the best deals or the lowest airfare. This is especially helpful if your travel dates or location are flexible so you can take advantage of any deals that could be offered. On occasion, airlines will communicate or share sales information with their consumers. You can look for offers by browsing the websites or signing up for the newsletters of your preferred airlines. You can do this on Telegram by following the steps discussed in the previous section of this article.

  • Choose your stops

Many flights, especially those to far places, will require stopovers at airports along the way. Sometimes you have to change planes and go through security again. Keep in mind how many stops you are okay with when looking at flights. Examine the stops’ duration and time of day. You may be able to find a less expensive flight if you’re prepared to add an additional stop. So ask yourself if the duration and length of the stopover are worth the money you save.

You should also:

  • Choose your seats

While booking, you can choose your seat on several flights. If you are purchasing plane tickets for many people, be careful to choose seats for each person. If there is space for your group to sit together, you can decide whether you want an aisle, window, or middle seat. You might be able to choose seat upgrades with more legroom for a surcharge. If your airline does not let you select your seat while making your reservation, you might be able to do so when you check in. Contact your airline to see what options are available if you have a special seat preference or need to sit with your traveling companions(e.g kids).

  • Choose/decline adds on

Towards the end of the booking process your airline can recommend extras like hotels or rental cars. You can purchase them alone or along with your plane ticket. Make sure your airline offers you a fair deal by doing some online research before choosing an add-on, such as a hotel stay or rental car.

Top 5 cheapest flight airlines to Pakistan

1. Qatar Airways

Qatar airways is one of the best airlines to take to Pakistan. It is rated 5-star by Skytrax. The 5-Star Airline rating by Skytrax is the highest level of Quality recognition and is only given to an airline delivering exceptional services. I particularly enjoy their front-line quality performance and staff service.

2. Gulf Air

You will adore the warmth of Arabian hospitality and the welcoming customer service with top-notch standards that create outstanding customer satisfaction. When you book your flight with Gulf Air, the delightful experience doesn’t end until you arrive at your destination. The best service is what you can expect both on land and in the air. Gulf Air’s skilled and knowledgeable team works tirelessly to make your trip extraordinary.

3. Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines offers reasonable rates and reduced fares to many international locations. You can compare the costs and itineraries of various travel options using travel search engines. Upgrades for business class travel are also reasonably priced. Their travel product and customer services also remain one of the best in the world.

4. British Airlines

British Airways has earned a 4-Star certification for its crew, onboard amenities, and airport and ground transportation offerings. Service ratings are given to both cabin employees and ground staff, and product ratings are given to seats, amenities, food and beverages, IFE, cleanliness, etc. It has continued to rank top 4 because it offers affordable ticket prices with top-notch customer service to its customers.

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List of international airports in Pakistan

  • Karachi
  • Islamabad
  • Lahore
  • Peshawar
  • Multan
  • Sialkot
  • Faisalabad
  • Quetta
  • Rahim Yar Khan
  • Turbat
  • Gwadar
  • G.Khan
  • Tharparkar
  • Sukkur and
  • Skardu

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