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Cheap Universities In Canada 2024 For International Students

Canada has always been on my radar as a top destination for studying as an international student. With annual tuition fees ranging from 12,000 CAD to 30,000 CAD, Canada stands out as a country that offers accessible education without compromising quality.

If you’re seeking a low-tuition university in Canada like I am, then take a pause and read this article to the very end. Join me in exploring the cheapest universities for international students in Canada and popular Canadian locations like Vancouver, Toronto, and Quebec. Let’s dive in together!

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Cheap Universities In Canada 2024

As an international student, you have to look for universities that offer quality education at a low cost. The following are the low-tuition universities in Canada:

1. Simon Fraser University 

Simon Fraser University is home to about 30,000 students from 150 countries. This institution is one of the most affordable universities in Canada and is globally renowned for innovation and research.

2. University Of Guelph 

Asides from being affordable, the University of Guelph offers scholarships to students globally and has high research outputs.  This school offers you many programs at levels that include bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, certificate and diploma programs.

3. Concordia University 

Concordia University is the largest in Canada, with a total student population of 51,000+ students. The University offers programs in different fields, including engineering, computer science, marketing, economics, etc. 

One thing is for sure, at this Uni, you’ll have access to high quality education without paying much!

4. University Of Calgary 

The University of Calgary stands tall in the list of low-tuition universities in Canada for international students with an employability rate of 94%. Additionally, the University Of Calgary is one of the best research universities in Canada.

The school is renowned for offering excellent graduate programs for both domestic and international students. 

5. University Of Alberta 

University Of Alberta is a popular university well-known for in-depth research across the globe. The school offers its students eminent placement and career opportunities within Canada and beyond. 

They boast of more than 90% employment rate and are regarded as one of the cheapest universities in Canada!

6. University Of Saskatchewan 

The University Of Saskatchewan is one of the oldest universities in Canada. This school is highly prestigious and is among the Group of Canadian Research universities.

Additionally, it offers many international students scholarships and bursaries.

7. University Of Northern British Columbia 

According to Maclean Magazine Rankings, this university is one of the best small Canadian universities.  

The University of Northern British Columbia is enlisted of the low-tuition fee universities in Canada for international students and offers different programs for various disciplines.

8. University Of Winnipeg 

This school is ranked as the best for excellent teaching, diversity, innovation and research. The University of Winnipeg is among the low-tuition universities in Canada for international students. Their tuition fee is below the national average, making it quite affordable.

9. University Of Ottawa 

They are renowned for being active globally as they have more than 40,000 students coming from countries across the world. 

They offer many study programs at the UG and PG levels in French and English Languages and they are known as the economical universities in Canada.

10. Brandon University 

Brandon University is a great citadel of learning located in Manitoba. This university is known as one of the most economical universities in Canada for international students. 

They offer many study programs that include the UG and PG programs with the necessary certificate and diploma programs. 

The Location For The Cheap Universities In Canada 

Canada is the best study destination because that has many terms territories, and cities you can choose to study from. 

As an international student seeking quality education in Canada, consider these locations for cheap universities: Ontario, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, British Columbia, Quebec and Montreal. 

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3 Reasons You Should  Study In Canada?

1. The Schools Are Affordable 

Canada offers degrees at more economical prices than top universities in the United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries.

2. Schools in Canada Are Reputable

The universities in Canada have a good reputation for the best education system in the world, as they have no exception.

3. Ease Of Living 

Studying and living in another country as a foreigner can be challenging. However, schools in Canada make it easy and convenient for international students to live in their country. 

How To Apply For Canadian Universities? 

For international students, if you want to apply to a Canadian university will need to meet the requirements.  Typical student applications include letters of resumes, recommendations and educational backgrounds. Also, you need to provide the following documents: 

  • Evidence of your finances. 
  • Your International application. 
  • Passport information. 
  • English Proficiency. 
  • You will need a translated copy of the transcript. 

You will need a student visa if you intend to study for more than six months in Canada.

The Canadian government will ask you the evidence of your finances, your health proof, your general well-being, and evidence of no criminal record with your acceptance letter to the university. 

You must begin your student visa application as soon as you receive acceptance into the Canadian university. 

The Schooling Fees For International Students In Canada 

The tuition fee for students immigrating from various countries to Canada for studies usually depends on the type of program and the location of the school they desire to study in. 

For undergraduate degrees, the schooling fee ranges from $6,203 up to $49,800 per year, and for Master’s degrees, it ranges from $3,222 to $42,850. 

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Now you know the various schools that are economical for you to study in Canada. Most of the institutions in this list offer international students high placement rates and ROIs.  For more information and inquiries, Join Us Here.

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