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How to get a job in Canada from Nigeria

How do I get a  job in Canada from Nigeria? This is a salient question lost of young people and indeed old people ask in Nigeria amid the unending migration frenzy.

In this article, we will explain how to find jobs in Canada from Nigeria so scroll down to read further.

According to www.tradingeconomics.com  from 1976 to 2022, the average employment rate in Canada is 60.27 per cent it reached an all-time high in 2008 when it picked at 63.50. In April 2020, during the pandemic, it fell to 52.10 per cent.

In previous times,  it would have been impossible for you to get a job in Canada from Nigeria but this is the age of information and everything is nearly possible with just a click of a finger through the Internet.

Social media have been agog in the past with stories of young Nigerians who got jobs in Canada, the UK, the  USA, and Germany from the comfort of their homes in Nigeria.

One thing can be picked from the numerous stories, most of these young people are freelancers who were referred to the companies by people with who they have worked before in the course of their freelance journey.

Others saw opportunities online and decide to apply, for instance, The Opportunity Desk official post scholarship and job opportunities in Canada, the US, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. Anyone can decide to apply and then get a job in any of those countries.


How to get a job in Canada from Nigeria



How to find a job in Canada from Nigeria is herculean but individuals get most jobs from Canada based on referrals. For example, techies who work remotely for companies in Canada from Nigeria get most of these jobs through referrals.


Job Agencies

There are job agencies scouting for competent foreigners who can work in Canada however if one does not have social media or does not maximize social media, one can not get a job in Canada from Nigeria.

For instance, on LinkedIn, you can search for jobs in Canada and then gets several search results. Then one begins to apply for the one that suits you.

Signing up on indeed is another way to find a job  in Canada from Nigeria

Another way one can get jobs in Canada from Nigeria is by signing up for Indeed job openings in Canada and when one gets a new email notification n of job openings in Canada one can apply.


Schooling in Canada

One way of getting jobs in Canada from Nigeria is simply getting into school in Canada. You can work as a student or apply for a work permit after school you can work.

Some of the high in demand jobs as, DevOps engineer, software engineer, registered nurse, project manager, blockchain engineer, and pharmacists. If you have the necessary skills, you can get a job in Canada from Nigeria if you qualify and act on time on hearing about a job opening in a firm in Canada.


Friends and Families

One common way to solve the problem of how to get a job in Canada from Nigeria is through the help of friends or families that are in Canada.


Recruitment Agencies.

Not also forgetting the role of some Canadian job recruitment agencies who help foreigners in getting suitable jobs in Canada. These recruitment agencies are:

  • Canadian International Recruitment Services Inc.
  • Global Hire Immigration and Placement Service.
  • Canadian Staffing Consultant.
  • Global Consulting Group.

These are some of the recruitment agencies that provide the services of recruiting foreigners from their countries. All one needs to do is subscribe to their emails and continuously check for job opportunities that suit you.


The internet has made a lot of things easy and one of those things that the Internet has made easy the recruitment in Canada from Nigeria.

For you to get a high-paying job in Canada from Nigeria, you need to be qualified. Canada is one of the countries Nigerians travel to for jobs, school, and vacations.


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One thing about getting jobs in Canada from Nigeria, a simple Google search can help you solve that problem, and then you will go through the process of filling reforms while praying and waiting for email notifications about jobs that you like.


When you apply, you will get an email notification. Also, depending on how good your qualifications for the job is, you can get another email for an interview.

The first email could be for application confirmation. Interviews for remote jobs are usually on Skype, Zoom or Google meet.

One thing is for sure, lots of people who got jobs in Canada from Nigeria had some friends or family pulling the strings for them in Canada.

We believe you now understand how best to start getting a job in Canada from Nigeria.


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In conclusion, you can get jobs in Canada from Nigeria but one of the easiest and surest ways of making that dream of working in Canada happen is usually the educational route.

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