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How to Get Job Overseas (Cruise ship and Land-Based)

Here’s an article on landing a job overseas (cruise ship and land-based) (cruise ship and land-based).
Carefully read through to discover the important actions you need to do in securing a cruise ship and land-based jobs overseas.
For the convenience of understanding and simplicity, this content will be separated into two portions. foreign employment on land and on cruise ships.


How to Get Job Overseas (Cruise ship and Land-Based)


Land-Based Job Overseas

Let’s start with land-based. For US work, there’s an agency called Workaway (CPT based) (CPT based). They have a webpage at http://workaway.com. The odd drawback is that they only recruit once a year during the October season in the US.
Then there’s another agency called MTL. They’ve got a Facebook page. They are US-based yet hire South Africans for seasonal US jobs.

These jobs include

  • Chefs,
  • waiters,
  • Bartenders,
  • Golf assistants etc. since they are engaged mainly for golf clubs.

Now the only disadvantage to US positions is that interviews start around July, and by September, those that have obtained letters will be going off to the US.

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For Cruiseship Job Overseas

It’s a bit challenging because they prefer someone strictly from the hospitality sector (unless you finesse your CV, but when it comes to interviews, you must know your thing.) The number one agency I would recommend is GRISA.
It’s called Gourmet Recruitment International and is situated in Cape Town. They recruit for a significant number of ships.
Getting a position aboard the ship can take between 1-3 months due to interviews, training, etc.

You can also locate recruiters on LinkedIn, such as Silver Swan Recruitment, an international firm that specialized in cruise jobs.

Also, they list loads of overseas opportunities there.
Seabourn cruises is also another cool recruiter for this job, and you can find them on LinkedIn as well.
Also, follow “The World”. They are a huge yacht that posts their jobs also.

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Choosing a Company

Each cruise company is unique, catering to a specific market, providing a certain level of customer care, and offering differing crew comforts and benefits.
Choose lines that reflect the style of service you want to deliver to customers and the type of experience you want them to have. Larger lines, for example, will have more itinerary/travel alternatives, whilst smaller lines will provide a more ‘tight-knit’ crew atmosphere.
Hint: Update your resume and tailor it to each position you’re looking for. You will be able to select keywords and ideas that represent each cruise line based on your earlier study. Include these terms in your resume and cover letter. This will demonstrate to the recruiter that their cruise line is the one for you.

The same is true for the title of the position for which you are applying. Many cruise lines use different titles to describe the same function. For example, Cruise Staff can also be referred to as Animation Staff, Activities Staff, and so on. When applying to each line, make sure you use the relevant wording for your role. This information is typically provided on each cruise line’s website under the career section.

Requirements/Training for Cruise Ship Jobs

Certain occupations, such as Bridge/Deck and/or Technical, will require post-secondary training at a registered Marine School; however, most cruise companies do not require any post-secondary training for practically every other role onboard. Instead, cruise lines desire at least 1-2 years of relevant ashore experience in a related capacity. If you apply for an onboard retail sales position, for example, the cruise company will want to see that you have 1-2 years of high-end retail sales expertise. You could also wish to look into extra cruise-specific training through a Tourism/Hospitality School and/or an online Cruise Ship Program.

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Salary Expectations

Most new hires will earn between $1,000 and $1,500 USD each month. To people working on land, this may appear to be a poor monthly starting pay; but, when you consider that you will be SAVING MOST, IF NOT ALL, of this cash per month, working at sea begins to make a lot of sense.

Salaries are dependent on the work role. For waitresses, it is about. $2500-$3000. This is a high-end cruise ship.
Assistant waiters make around $1500-$2000. Again, high-end ships

Note: This figure also changes for those huge ships.

Cruiseship money is good, but you work every day for 6 months. Working in the US is much easygoing but a little less than on ships. If you desire first-hand experience working overseas, you can follow us on Twitter for more.



  • Working aboard a cruise ship will open up travel options to you on every continent in the world. Some of the most popular cruise locations include the Caribbean, The Mexican Rivera, Alaska, The Mediterranean, The Baltic, The South Pacific (including New Zealand & Australia), South America, South Africa and Antarctica.


  • Working onboard a cruise ship not only totally funds your travels. It also allows you to keep practically everything you make while working in a unique and multicultural atmosphere. On top of that, you’ll have the ability to visit ports around the globe that travellers honestly save up for YEARS to see. Your life genuinely gets better than practically everyone’s vacation.

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