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Remote Job Opportunities in Nigeria

To we do be discuss of Remote Job Opportunities in Nigeria. Work at Home jobs is the latest since the pandemic. Many companies in Nigeria have resolved to use that option and it has proven to be more productive than the usual form of working.

In this article, we do be disclosing some important facts as well as answering some important questions regarding Remote Jobs.

Also, we do be dishing the latest work-from-home jobs in Nigeria that you can easily apply and get without stress.

First, let’s start with some frequently asked questions about Remote Jobs and why it is important. I will love to start that Remote job might not necessarily mean Freelancing or Online Jobs.

Most people confuse this. but for clarity’s sake, Freelance is not a full-time or a permanent job.  It is a contract or a part-time job. You might not necessarily see or know the client. but work from home or Remote Jobs can be freelancing as well as a full-time job but not working at the company but from the comfort of your home.

Now, Let’s get back to some frequently asked questions about Remote Jobs.

  1. What are the job specifications one can do as a remote job in Nigeria?
  2. How do I get a remote job in other Countries From Nigeria?
  3. How do I apply for a remote job?
  4. What are the best job websites for work from home Jobs?
  5. What are the benefits of Working from Home?


Remote Job Opportunities in Nigeria


We are going to answer these questions, it will be a guide for this article. Carefully read and follow through.


Job specifications one can do as a Remote Jobs

There are several roles one can comfortably work without much supervision. Technology today has made that very possible. If not all roles can be done remotely without visiting the office. With available technologies on the ground, one can learn as well as communicate with supervisors if they encounter any issue while working. Also, new job roles that suit remote jobs have made Remote jobs very easy and rampart. For instance, Job positions such as Content Creator, Video Editor, Data Entry, Graphics, and more are better done Remotely. Before you decide to apply for a remote job it is better and a wise thing that you research which job role can be done remotely. this will help you greatly.


How to Get a Remote Job from Other Countries

To get a remote job in other countries, say USA or UK. Technology has made it easy. You can start by applying online. If you use social media such as LinkedIn or Twitter. These are great places to get online jobs from other countries. You can also see job boards that publish international jobs you can work from home. Also, you can be lucky enough to get an on-site job which will require you to immigrate to such a country.


How to apply for a Remote Job

To apply for Remote Jobs it is first advisable you settle which job role you want to apply for. Do you have the necessary skills to fit in? Then you should understand if you are comfortable with Remote Jobs. Not everyone can work from home. Some people will never be productive if they work from home. So it is vital you know if you can be productive at home or not. This might cost you your job. Then after this, you can start applying for Remote Jobs.

How do you do this?

  • Get the right sites for Remote jobs or Jobs online
  • Join some Remote communities on LinkedIn. Follow influence in this niche on Twitter or other social media to get acquainted with the information and the latest remote job opportunities.
  • Be good at what you do. like I mention earlier. Skills are the key to remote jobs. be good at what you do
  • Ensure to tailor your resume as well as cover letter for remote job applications.
  • Get serious with remote job hunting, Create networks


Best job websites for work from home Jobs

Here are some important websites and obviously the best websites for Remote Jobs in Nigeria.

Graduatejob Portal

Graduatejob Portal is obviously the best site for job openings in Nigeria, it has been serving and still serving hundreds of thousands of young Nigeria graduates. As the name implies it helps in solving the employment challenge that is currently facing the country as well as connecting Nigerian graduates and undergraduates to their desired jobs. You can apply for the Latest remote jobs in Nigerian on this site and get it easily. Also, you can browse through other major categories of jobs such as Customer Sevices Jobs in Nigeria, Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria, and many more.



This is the largest job platform that helps to connect jobs seekers with their employers. By just inputting “Remote Jobs” or “Work from Home Jobs” on the LinkedIn search you will get great results you can apply from.

This platform will help march your skills as well as qualifications to the available jobs and notify you.



This is another huge job platform that has also assisted many to get employed by companies in Nigeria as well as outside the shores of the country.

Visit the website and make your settings to search for Remote Jobs. Options will be displayed which you can choose from and apply.

The great thing about this platform is that you can have your resume built and you need not submit it again.



Finding a job on Twitter might not be an ideal thing for some people. However, quite a number of people have been able to get employment through this platform.

By following some relevant personalities on this platform, People who are in such field and know their onion dishes jobs opportunities which you can take advantage of and apply.

You can also use the search button to make a search for your wished job and apply.  The world is a global village learn to utilize these social platforms that have merged the world together.


Benefits of Working from Home

Before opting in for any remote job you should know why you want a remote job at first. Although there are disadvantages to this however here are some benefits of having a remote job.

  • Improved Work-Life Balance
  • Reduced Transport cost time and stress
  • Flexibility
  • Gain more time and choice to work anywhere
  • Reduces cost. Such as Feeding costs and other expenses.

There are more but we do rather stop here.

Please use the comment box for your questions.








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