UNICEF Internship Program – How To Apply

The world is in dire need of compassionate individuals who can truly empathize with the pain of others and aim to make a difference.

Do you want to make a lasting impact on children’s lives? Or would you like to start something that will make that impact? If so, then seize this incredible opportunity presented by UNICEF, the premier advocate for children’s rights worldwide.

UNICEF offers an inclusive program to applicants worldwide, extending the invitation to people willing to enhance the welfare of children. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Overview Of The Organization 

UNICEF – United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund is an international non-governmental organization that helps during an emergency and comes to the aid of children around the world. 

The mission of UNICEF is to work with others to help overcome challenges that children around the world face, which include violence, disease, poverty, discrimination, malnutrition, and lack of education. 

This organization is part of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations. They serve all children’s needs irrespective of their gender, race, religion and politics. 

Details Of The UNICEF Internship Program  2024

The UNICEF internship program is designed to offer eligible individuals the opportunity to have a firsthand experience of working with UNICEF. 

Selected candidates will be chanced to do active work in functional areas of the organization, namely Program and policy, Internal Operations, and External Operations. This kind of opportunity leads you to different opportunities in the world. 

The UNICEF internship programs will give you a lasting opportunity and make your impact on pertinent issues. 

You’ll need to have an understanding of what the role involves so that you will be sure and prepared well before taking up the positions. 

This internship permits you to work in any of the country offices of UNICEF. The internship can be done either part-time or full-time, depending on how available you are, your location and your preferences. 

You can also be working remotely if you reside outside New York City or Geneva.

The internship program will last between six weeks to twenty weeks. The financial status is fully funded, and the level/field of study includes undergraduate, Graduate and Ph.D. The last date to apply is Open. 

Fields available in the UNICEF Organization

There are many fields and departments available in UNICEF. They are:

  • Logistics
  • Education
  • Supply chain management 
  • Knowledge management 
  • Nutrition 
  • Legal
  • Planning 
  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Health 
  • Information Communication
  • Finance & Administration
  • Program management
  • Human resources
  • Child protection programs
  • Social & Economic Policy Development
  • Statistics & Monitoring. 

UNICEF Internship Program For Young Graduates: How They Support Them Financially 

  • They give stipends to all interns in the program every year. 
  • UNICEF covers all your living expenses as an intern throughout your program. 
  • This program offers you a one-time lump amount that is needed for your travel expenses. 
  • The amount of stipend and lump varies, which usually depends on your location. 
  • They support all their interns who are not financially buoyant. 
  • Financially they support young talented individuals that participate in the program. 
  • The financial support will give the interns the focus to have a profitable experience and knowledge during their internship program. 

Requirements For The Application Of The Internship Program 

  • The application requirement is only for international undergraduate and graduate students who can pay for the UNICEF Internships program. 
  • The applicants must enroll or have completed a degree program. 
  • You need to have proficiency in one of UNICEF’s working languages like Spanish, French, and English. 
  • You must have a good academic record and motivation
  • When doing the reporting chain of command, you must not include any of your family members. 
  • You must be at least 18 years old to apply. 
  • The process of the application is open to every country and ethnicity. 
  • No application fee is charged for the UNICEF internship program. 
  • You can do the internships remotely or on-site; your position determines it. 

Things To Know About The Application Dates 

The UNICEF Internship Program has various deadlines for their applications. 

The applications for the program are open for a year. 

Also, if you are a student, you can enroll in the internship programs at your convenient time. 

Currently, internship opportunities are made available for students to apply for. 

Carefully check the deadline for the program you have selected. 

Submitting your applications late might not be considered. 

The process of application takes time, so make sure you apply and submit as soon as possible. 

Please make sure that you have the necessary documents and information before you start filling out your application. 

UNICEF recommends you apply ahead of the start date of the internship program. 

How To Apply For The UNICEF Internship Program 

  1. Visit the official UNICEF Vacancies Page
  2. Select the internship that is under the contact type. 
  3. Review the requirements for the desired internship. 
  4. Fill out the Online Recruitment Profile on the website.
  5. Ensure your CV/Resume reveals your qualifications and skills. 
  6. Write a compelling Cover Letter that explains why you are the right for the internship. 
  7. Submit your application materials through the email that has been given to you. 
  8.  follow-up on your application if you don’t hear any feedback during a reasonable timeframe. 
  9. Tick your calendar on the deadlines for the application you applied for in the internship program. 
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Do you desire to have a beautiful future with the opportunities that the UNICEF internship program will provide you with a certificate? Then you can apply now so that you can take advantage of this opportunity!


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