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10 Free Websites To Create An Online Portfolio

Do you want to learn about the 10 free websites to create an online portfolio? Keep reading to be enlightened. 

To create an online portfolio important to showcase your work and skills to potential clients or employers. 

Fortunately, there are many free websites available that make it easy to build a professional online portfolio without breaking the bank. 

In this article, we will explore ten free websites that you can use to create an impressive online portfolio. 

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What Is An Online Portfolio? 

An online portfolio is a digital collection of information about previous work, experiences, skills, qualifications, or awards that you earned and want to share on the web. 

Moreover, it gives legitimacy to your work and gives professionals a clue of what you are capable of. 

Examples of works you can display in an online portfolio are: 

  • Writing examples 
  • Case studies 
  • Photographs 
  • Spreadsheets 
  • Lesson plans 

Things included in your online portfolio depend on your field and expertise. It will help you select a portfolio builder for your needs. 

Let’s look at some of our favorite portfolio websites that can assist you according to your needs. 

10 Free Websites To Create An Online Portfolio

1. Journo Portfolio 

You can create a sleek modern digital portfolio on Journo portfolio. This website gives nine distinct themes that you can add to your article URL. 

The sites care about incorporating the publication, date, content, title, and image. Moreover, some of the features are Google Analytics or using Journo’s built-in analytics tools to measure visitors. 

Additionally, immediately your site is mobile-ready. You can easily blog on this platform this will be helpful when you want to showcase freelance work and your current blog in one place. 

Journo will create multiple labels about you and your freelance portfolio. 

2. Muck Rack 

Muck Rack is a free media website that assists journalists in connecting with professionals. 

When you use the site, you will have good opportunities to network and receive PR pitches. You can add topics that don’t want to cover. 

Additionally, Muck Rack creates and maintains your portfolio and gathers articles and social media portfolios. When you complete it, you have options to customize your bio or select to spotlight certain pieces. 

3. WordPress 

WordPress is the main content management platform that allows you to have a free blog with a separate portfolio page. 

This is not explicitly for freelance writers alone but it covers more than 100 free themes to create your unique blog and showcase your work. 

Moreover, this is a nice option for maybe you want to control your portfolio.  Also, you can select to use WordPress if you want to showcase your writing and other skills. 

Maybe you want a page for writing or photography,  for instance. In that case, this website gives you many options for themes and is flexible enough to enable you to demonstrate your creative work. 

4. Sister.io 

Sister.io is an innovative no-code portfolio builder that allows users to create and publish websites without a code. 

The intuitive interface makes designing directly in the browser, freehand and to have tools you are familiar with. 

Maybe you are starting your design from the beginning or you want to use their templates. This website helps you craft beautiful portfolios that are unique to your goal. 

5. Clippings. me 

Clippings. me is a website that has a simple approach to sharing your best articles, collateral, or other kinds of marketing materials. 

Moreover, you can add your links, PDFs, and things that are in line with multimedia to Clippings. me to craft a beautiful portfolio that is specific to categories. 

You can add your social media links on this page so other professionals can easily see your work. 

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6. Behance 

Behance is an online platform that was established by Adobe that allows creative people to showcase their work and connect with professionals.  Also, you can create a robust portfolio on Behance for free and gain more publicity within the community. 

7. Portfoliobox

Portfoliobox is a friendly website that was created especially to create online portfolios. The free plan includes features like custom domain mapping, response design, and e-commerce capabilities for selling your work. 

8. Fabrik 

Fabrik is a portfolio platform for creative people. Designers can create their projects without touching any code with unique website styling and technology.  This helps the users to easily upload their portfolios and supports their blogging capabilities. 

This website theme is intuitive and good for your project needs. The flexibility features allow users to have diverse layouts to complement the media format. 

Additionally, Fabrik’s portfolio is so easy to build and maintain your portfolio across all devices. 

9. Cargo 

 Cargo is a portfolio platform that gives free accounts with limited features but still allows you to create a good stunning online portfolio.  Moreover, the minimalist design options and focus on visuals make it a nice choice for designers and photographers. 

10.  Wix

Wix is a famous website that builds and gives a wide range of customizable templates for creating online portfolios.  This will drag and drop the interface, you can easily personalize your portfolio to reflect your brand and style. 

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Having a good online portfolio is important to showcase your skills and attract potential clients or employers. With these ten free websites, you have enough tools to create an outstanding online portfolio without having to spend a dime. Select the platform that best fits our needs and build your online presence today. 





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