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Graduate Resume Tips; A resume can be seen as a digital-first impression of you to the employer. you are only given one opportunity to sell yourself to the employer and create a positive impression.

Note that the resume is just a summary, albeit detailed in some way. It is not supposed to be a complete representation of the applicant. Thus, it contains only the highlights or the relevant information that, just by skimming through what is written, the recruiter, employer or hiring personnel can immediately tell whether the applicant is qualified for the job being applied for or not.


there are five few things (our top pick) you should do to make your resume look professional and stand out among the crowd.

Graduate of today is never taught the art of writing CVs and resumes in their various institution of learning. Hence, after graduation, they find it difficult and challenging to draft out a very convincing graduate resume or a CV that would sell their personal and professional qualities to employers of interest, therefore, seek the help of professional CV writers online or offline.

Read through our top 5 tips to write a very powerful graduate resume


This post has been made to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers. The top 5 tips to write a very powerful graduate resume in a well structured and specialized format for an optimized job application.

Follow the instruction to fully comprehend the 5 tips on resume writing.


An important aspect of job search is writing your own CV and cover letter, and the truth is that: “nobody can write about you better than you”. Preparation is one of the best weapons that a job seeker can use, and part of that preparation goes to the crafting of the resume.

No matter how qualified and confident you may be for a job opportunity, it the resume that first introduces you to your potential employers also the employers may decide to invite you for an interview based on the content in your resume; Hence, the need to give your fresh graduate resume some serious work before putting it out.


For every job opportunities, there exist a set of few keywords that can be used to tailor your resume for better job optimization for the available position and this brings us to the top-secret used by only a few applicants.

This technique entails writing your CV or resume to suit the requirements of a particular job in an organization. This simply means that instead of having a general CV for all job applications, you are better off submitting an optimized CV to suit the particular job being applied for.


It is not out of normal for graduates who just finished their program from their various tertiary institutions to lack the necessary job experiences and if you fall within this category this article is for you.

1. Your contact details:

This is the first column in your CV and is usually the most vital part; this section is important and should be filled accurately and neatly. This is to enable the employer to get in touch with you and to address you properly. Here you should include a working email address, full name, address, 2 mobile numbers your age your marital status, gender. These details are useful to enable the employer to easily contact you and address you properly when they eventually call or send a mail.   

 2. Research about the job:

This is another important tip to look out for in your next job hunt, for every job opening there are requirement and specifications for applicants who finds interest in the job; this is also a tactic which employers use to screen-out applications. Ensure you make proper research about a job with which you find interest in. visit the application link attached to the job details in adverts and promotions to find out what is demanded of applicants, the required skills and minimum qualification, this information will help you with the next tip on the line.

3. Customize your resume to suit the job:

Ahaa, now you’ve seen why the second tip is of importance, you need the information from the 2nd step to enable you to proceed with this stage, after getting the information on what is required of applicants, it is now time to customize your CV to suit those requirements, and tell the employer that you are the best candidate for the job. At his stage, there is high temptation to falsify your qualification and skills, for the record, don’t do that. Can you defend what you’ve written on your CV during the interview stage? Are you truly qualified as you have claimed in your CV? At this point, the best idea is to focus on your little strength and relate them with the requirements. You can’t apply for a job you know nothing about.

4 Your School Experience is an experience

any job that is specified in it publication it minimum years of experience, leave that job they aren’t meant for you as long as you don’t have that number of experience, as a graduate what you should look out for is graduate jobs on search engines.

Graduate jobs don’t require years of experience, in fact, some job publishes it as 0 years of experience. That doesn’t mean you leave the experience section of your resume blank. Whatever experience you got during your undergraduate level ranging from a leadership position, seminars attended, conferences, meeting, outing etc, all make meaning in a CV and they add flesh and content to your CV. Therefore remember the important experiences in school and include them.


check out the list of various work experience to include in your resume here

 5. Make Your objective Clear

Aims are information on your intent for applying for the job, that is, what you plan to achieve for the organization when given the opportunity to work. As a fresh graduate, there is not much impact you can put in the company after being recruited, it takes some time therefore be realistic when stating your objectives, and state clear and direct objectives.

6 Proofread and edit for grammatical errors

The last tip but sure an important one is to edit and proofread for grammatical errors and accuracy of information respectively. After writing your CV you don’t just send them immediately, you must review and proofread the content in the CV, this will help to identify any grammatical errors and correct them beforehand, wrong spelling of a word, wrong input of information. Trusts me little errors in your CV can make the employer see you as careless and unserious.

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  1. For the proper introduction of the applicant to the employers
  2. to inform employers about your objectives for the company
  3. allow employers to reach applicants using their contact details provided in the resume

If you have painstakingly read through this article on graduate resume tips then congratulation as you are on your way to creating your professional CV, meanwhile drop a comment if you have any question.

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