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How to Crack KPMG Interview Questions and Get the Job

Obviously, How to Crack KPMG Interview Questions requires a lot of effort. This information is provided to help you understand the elements to put in place in order to get the job done.

Getting a KPMG job might not be easy but after this, you do find it easy. Let’s show you how many graduates have been able to get jobs with KPMG.


First, here is an important step, know the company. Understand what KPMG represent and what they do. You can do well to visit the KPMG website as well.


About KPMG Nigeria

KPMG is international professional cooperation that is into services such as auditing, taxation, and advisory services.
The KPMG firm started its operation in Nigeria in 1978. With headquarter in Amsterdam, Netherlands, KPMG has over 190,000 employees. The firm has been around since 1917 when Klynveld Main Goerdeler merged with Peat Marwick, therefore, the name KPMG.

In Nigeria, the KPMG firm has 38 partners with over 1000 trained professional staff. In addition, the firm works for clients in both the public and private sectors. Also servicing other countries.

Reasons Why People Want to Work at KPMG

Many young graduates today, probably have that dream of working with KPMG. This is because KPMG jobs offer personal fulfilment. Many interest projects to be engaged in under the firm. Here are some reasons why KPMG is the dream company.

  • They encourage personal growth and career development
  • Opportunity to be trained abroad
  • Balance work-life
  • Conducive environment for working
  • Attractive rewards and also benefits.

Skills and Competence That KPMG Look Out For When Recruiting.

There are skills and qualities that KPMG employers expect from aspirants. To be able to go through the KPMG interview, you must have the following skills and competence.

  1. Teamwork: KPMG expects that you have the ability to collaborate with others, share ideas as well as solve problems in the group.
  2. Growth mindset: KPMG has vast opportunities. So they expect you to utilize it in developing yourself. In addition, achieving your potential.
  3. Creativity and Critical Thinker: They expect you to be a creative individual. Fashion out innovative ways to solve problems.
  4. Adaptability: Ability to adjust to work situations and environment. You might be expected to adapt fast to other countries of training.
  5. Self-Motivation: Willing to keep pushing for greatness in your career. The daily improvement as well as job performance.
  6. Analytic skills: Ability to analyze the information as well as data. Use information analyzed to affirm your work approach.
  7. Management and Organizational skills: KPMG expects you to be able to coordinate as well as manage activities.
  8. Resilience: Ability to respond positively to challenges. Working under pressure as well as developing in such a situation.
  9. Curiosity: They expect you to always want to learn. Therefore knowing things to improve your performance.
  10. Communication: you must be sound in your means of communication


Education and Qualifications

To work with KPMG, either at the graduate level or internship, you must have a 2.1. This is always one of the basic requirements for KPMG Jobs.

Likewise, age is also considered when it comes to KPMG. For the graduate level. Not more than 25 is always the benchmark.


KPMG Nigeria Recruitment Process

  • Application
  • The first interview stage is usually a GMAT-based aptitude test.
  • Next, is the Situational Judgment Test (SJT)
  • The final Phase is the Assessment centre and one on one interview.
  • Documentation as well as Medical fitness.

After these phases of recruitment, an offer letter is given to successful candidates.


KPMG Interview Questions

Here are the core KPMG Interview Questions. It is important you go through these questions and provide answers to each. Similarly, you can check out KPMG Interview Questions and Answer Tips. To see how to answer the following Interview questions.

  • What makes you think you are the right candidate for this role?
  • Why didn’t you graduate with a first-class? ( For Second class graduates)
  • Can we meet you?
  • Tell us why you want to join KPMG.
  • Explain to us about a time you led a team?
  • In the next ten years, where do you see yourself?
  • Tell us of a time you were in disagreement with senior staff or team members.
  • Tell us about your previous job experiences.
  • So far, what is your greatest achievement?
  • Have you demonstrated leadership? Tell us about it.
  • Tell us what your passions are
  • What do you know about KPMG?

How to Crack KPMG Interview Questions

How to Crack KPMG Interview Questions.


These tips are essential to help you answer KPMG interview questions. But before we get started, let’s refresh your mind on important things you need to know about KPMG Interview Question and how to win.

Obviously. KPMG is among the four top and biggest auditing firms globally. In Nigeria, KPMG is among the leading top firms in tax, audit as well as accounting.

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KPMG has many clients to offer service to and 38 partners. Therefore they recruit regularly.

The acronym KPMG stands for Klynveld, Peat, Marvick, and Goerdeler. Established in 1917 with headquarter in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

KPMG Nigeria offers professional and advisory services to businesses in Nigeria. Her vision “is to build and sustain our reputation as the best firm to work with by ensuring our people, clients and communities achieve their full potential.”

Her Services include tax, management advisory, auditing, and assurance as well as risk consultation.
Subsequently, the firm has 38 partners and over 1000 trained, professional, and dedicated staff.


KPMG Recruitment Process.

The recruitment process of KPMG Nigeria involves a screening process. Though depending on the job Position. For example, Graduate trainees are usually engaged in a rigorous screening process.


Here are the KPMG recruitment stages.

Application: The first stage is the application stage. You apply online. Fill in your details as demanded. If you are qualified you do get shortlisted for the next stage.

Computer-based Test: Mostly to test your intellectual and logical reasoning in the following subjects: numerical evaluation, qualitative and logical reasoning as well as verbal reasoning. Subsequently, most of these questions can be found on GMAT. You can also get compiled KPMG Past questions for only N1000. See the details below. Obviously, if you are successful in this stage then you do be invited to the next stage.

Essay writing: This stage is mostly for an internship. Those who were successful in the computer-based test are asked to write easy.

Assessment and Documentation: Successful candidates are invited to fill out application forms as well as to submit their credentials. Group work is carried out likewise.

Panel Interview: Any candidate who made it here is usually going to face the panel. You are asked some questions. This stage is quite challenging for many. Click to see how you can ace KPMG Interviews.

Below are also some vital KPMG Interview Questions and how to answer them.

KPMG Interview Questions and Answer Tips.

What makes you think you are the right candidate for this role?

Tips: This is where you can sell yourself. Enlist your skills, experience, and also other competencies that make you suitable for the role. List and align your achievement matching the job role as well as KPMG culture.

Why didn’t you graduate with a first-class?

Tip: Explain any incident that resulted in your failure and how you fought back to maintain a 2.1. Sell yourself here by demonstrating your tenacity and also resilience toward success.

Can we meet you?

Tip: this is the same as saying “who are you” “can you tell us about yourself” etc. First, introduce yourself professionally, and give an overview statement that describes your strength, qualification, and skills as they related to the job role. In addition, a bit about your personality as it also relates to the job and culture of KPMG.


Tell us why you want to join KPMG.

Tip: Align your reasons to the firm culture and also to the role. Therefore, never state reasons that tell them you want to join for the financial benefits. Let your reason be based on the firm’s vision and mission, a great working environment, opportunities within the firm that you can maximize as well as your taste for learning more and contributing to the organization’s growth.


Explain to us about a time you led a team?

Tip: Demonstrate your leadership qualities. Give an instance where you led a group of people, be it in school, or other organization. In addition, sell yourself here by narrating your challenges and how you were able to overcome them. What your goal was and demonstrate how you achieved them.

In the next ten years, where do you see yourself?

Tip: They simply want your future plan and how the job can play a key role, they also want to know if you are the type that plans ahead. Your answer should show your motivation, the importance of the job as well as how it fits your aspiration. In addition, your career plan, and how the Job will be a stepping stone.


Tell us of a time you disagreed with senior staff or team members.

Tip: Your answer should demonstrate your patience, loyalty, and respect for senior staff. How you were able to calmly relate your issues without conflict.


Tell us about your previous job experiences.

Tip: Be positive about your previous job. Don’t for any reason say anything negative. Tell them your previous job experience, your achievement as well as your relationship with a colleague.


So far, what is your greatest achievement?

Tip: Don’t give a fuzzy answer here. Go straight and state your achievements. Think of any achievement that will match your job.


Have you demonstrated leadership? Tell us about it.

Tip: See tips on “explain to us about a time you led a team?”

Tell us what your passions are

Tips: state only those passions that describe and demonstrate your skills and competence for the job.

What do you know about KPMG?

Tip: Before the interview, kindly make your research on KPMG Nigeria. The same goes for any other company.

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